May 27, 2012:Home Depot parking lot (behind Krispy Kreme!), Mishawaka, IN.

May 25, 2012:Drove 50 miles south to Andrews University, outside Berrien Springs, MI; parked beside the Lake Union Conference building for 2 nights.

May 24, 2012:On the beach at Holland State Park!

May 23, 2012:On the beach at Grand Haven State Park!

May 22, 2012:Lovely overnight at Hoffmaster State Park, just south of Muskegon.

May 21, 2012:On the shores of Lake Michigan (almost), in the Harbour Towne Marina parking lot facing Muskegon Lake.

May 16, 2012:The home and farm of friends Rich & Laura, Coopersville, MI.

May 13, 2012:Spartan Chassis factory, CharLOTTE, MI.

May 11, 2012:Westward….to Pokagon State Park, at the junction of I-69 and I-80/90, near Fremont, IN

May 7, 2012: Headed north to Maumee Bay State Park, on the shore of Lake Erie just east of Toledo, for four nights.

May 5, 2012: Dayton for a couple days, parked overnight at each of the Home Depot stores!

May 4, 2012: Straight down to Florence, KY hospital where Micah Barton was born today!

May 1, 2012: Drove nearly due east to Kokomo, IN.

Apr 29, 2012: Just moved around the lake to Forrest Bo Wood Campground; just 2 nites.

Apr 24, 2012: Moved about 80 miles north to Lithia Springs Campground, near Shelbyville, IL.

Apr 20, 2012: Shortened our stay at No Sandusky by 4 days so we could check out Dam West Campground in Carlyle, IL; glad we did, it’s great!

Apr 11, 2012: HA! Plans? Plans are made to be unmade….we stayed only 1 night at Gun Creek; moved to North Sandusky Camgpround across the lake from it, even nearer Sesser, IL; plan to stay 2 weeks!

Apr 10, 2012: Moved farther north to Gun Creek Campground, near Sesser, IL; plan to stay 2 weeks.

Apr 8, 2012: After stretching our stay at Defeated Creek to more than 3 weeks, we move a piece west and north to the top of Land Between the Lakes, and Canal Campground, near Grand Rivers, KY; staying just two nights.

Mar 14, 2012: Landed at Defeated Creek Campground, near Carthage, TN; plan to stay 2 weeks.

Mar 13, 2012: Headed toward Louisville, made it and more; spent the night beside Lowe’s about 30 miles south on I-65.

Mar 12, 2012: Parked beside office building in Cincinnati so Robyn could attend seminar next morning.

Mar 2, 2012: Moved out early to arrive in Dayton before heavy weather! Parked for a number of nights at Moraine Airpark (also at The Greene, and Home Depot near Cracker Barrel on Wilmington)

Mar 1, 2012: Moved along toward Dayton; stopped for the night in a parking lot north of Lexington to avoid heavy weather!

Feb 29, 2012: Headed back to Dayton; stopped for the night in a parking lot south of Knoxville to avoid heavy weather!

Feb 23, 2012: Whew, finally moved down to Atlanta and back up a couple miles to the northwest, to McKinney Campground (site 64) near Acworth, GA, for 11 days.

Jan 21, 2012: Uh no, movin on: north around the lake to Twin Lakes Campground (site 33), near Pendleton, SC; plan to stay a month!

Jan 20, 2012: Finally left Petersburg after 22 days, went mostly north about 70 miles to Watsadler Campground, near Hartwell, GA.

Dec 29, 2011: Roared across So Carolina to its capitol city, then south to Augusta; made it to Petersburg Campground (site 4); plan to stay for 15 nights!

Dec 28, 2011: Moved south 20 miles to Summerville, SC; overnight in the parking lot of Regal Cinemas.

Dec 26, 2011: Moved inland a bit, to Moncks Corner, SC; overnight x2 in the parking lot of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Dec 21, 2011: Stopped our travels down the coast by spending overnight x5 at Buck Hall Recreation Area, near Awendaw, SC.

Dec 20, 2011: Finally tore ourselves away from Cedar Point; moved smartly down the coast; overnight in Home Depot parking lot near Murrells Inlet, SC.

Dec 11, 2011: East to the edge of land! Overnights for awhile at Cedar Point Campground in Croatan National Forest, NC.

Dec 10, 2011: Straight east; overnight in Lowe’s parking lot, Apex, NC.

Dec 9, 2011: Down a little, east a bit, and voila! we’re in Parkers Creek Recreation Area in Jordan Lake for the night.

Dec 6, 2011: Up to Greensboro for the day, got stuck for service on coach; overnight x3 at Cummins Atlantic.

Dec 4, 2011: Drove east into the Uwharrie National Forest to its campground; overnight x2.

Nov 30, 2011: Southeast; overnight at Sharon’s home outside Albemarle, NC x4.

Nov 29, 2011: Southbound; overnight in Home Depot parking lot in Statesville, NC.

Nov 28, 2011: Mostly south; overnight in Flying J Truck Stop parking lot in Wytheville, VA.

Nov 27, 2011: More south, more east; overnight in Lowe’s parking lot in Charleston, WV.

Nov 26, 2011: More south, mostly east; overnight in Walmart parking lot outside Jackson, OH.

Nov 25, 2011: Headed south; overnight at Rocky Fork State Park, outside Hillsboro, OH.

Nov 24, 2011: Thanksgiving in Trenton, OH at Dave’s place, with Jared; overnight in Cracker Barrel/Home Depot parking lot on Wilmington Pike (you know what that means about breakfast in the morning!).

Nov 23, 2011: Just stuff; overnight at Moraine Airpark.

Nov 21, 2011: Just stuff; overnight in Cracker Barrel/Home Depot parking lot on Wilmington Pike x2.

Nov 20, 2011: Just stuff; overnight at Moraine Airpark.

Nov 18, 2011: Christmas in Historic Springboro Festival; overnight in KMart/Kroger parking lot in Springboro x2.

Nov 17, 2011: Shopping; overnight at McMahan Mobile Home park.

Nov 16, 2011: More medical appointments; overnight in Home Depot parking lot at Dayton Mall.

Nov 15, 2011: Medical appointments; overnight at The Greene.

Nov 14, 2011: Dayton! Overnight in Walmart parking lot on Wilmington Pike.

Nov 13, 2011: Ha, north across the Ohio River into Ohio! Overnight at Winton Woods campground in Cincinnati.

Nov 11, 2011: South across the Ohio River into Kentucky; overnight at General Butler State Park x2.

Nov 10, 2011: Moved slightly south and east; overnight at Hardy Lake State Park.

Nov 5, 2011: Lovely drive west into Brown County; overnight in Paynetown State Recreation Area on Monroe Lake x5.

Nov 4, 2011: Happy Birthday, Bro! Still around Columbus, scouting architecture; overnight in one of its Walmart parking lots.

Nov 3, 2011: Around town in the rain; overnight on the outskirts of town in a Cummins employee campground!

Nov 2, 2011: Headed further south; made it to Columbus, IN; overnight in a real nice Walmart parking lot!

Oct 29, 2011: Headed down-state to Kokomo; overnight there x4.

Oct 28, 2011: Oops, they weren’t supposed to allow us to park at the marina! We hung out at the Lighthouse Outlet Mall all day, so parked there for the night!

Oct 27, 2011: Down the Lake Michigan coast; overnight at the Washington Park Marina in Michigan City! We simply pointed out that the Taxi is as big as a boat.

Oct 26, 2011: Started with great Cracker Barrel breakfast; this and that; ended with great Papa Vino’s dinner with good friends; overnight at Cracker Barrel again!

Oct 25, 2011: Fourth try to get the right fuel filter for our engine: another failure; left Elkhart with the original fuel filter; spent most of day in Mishawaka; overnight in Stevensville Cracker Barrel parking lot.

Oct 24, 2011: Took our jolly time getting going; headed north back toward Elkhart; overnight at Marv’s Truck Service & Wash in Elkhart!

Oct 22, 2011: Drove 7 miles back south to Nappanee; overnight at Newmar x2.

Oct 20, 2011: Drove up to Wakarusa; overnight at Jessco x2.

Oct 18, 2011: Drove down to Bremen, IN; overnight at Precision Painting x2.

Oct 16, 2011: Drove down to Elkhart; overnight at Equalizer Systems x2.

Oct 13, 2011: Arrived at Andrews University; overnights there until Sunday.

Oct 12, 2011: Service on coach, problem with one filter delayed completion; overnight in Elkhart.

Oct 11, 2011: Arranged for work next week by Precision; important stop in Wakarusa to initiate arrangements for a bath tub surround in our shower stall; overnight in Elkhart.

Oct 10, 2011: Left Kokomo for Bremen, IN; overnight at Precision Painting.

Oct 4, 2011: Once we got rolling, made it all the way to Kokomo; overnight there for a number of nights.

Oct 3, 2011: Tried to get out of Dodge but failed; overnight at The Greene.

Oct 2, 2011: Surveyed the aftermath of gearfest, crossed Rt 4 and got a berth at McMahan’s, did 4 loads of laundry!; overnight there.

Sep 29, 2011: Got over to “gearfest” at Eastwood Lake Metropark in Dayton; overnight there x3.

Sep 27, 2011: Various; overnight at Moraine Airpark x2.

Sep 26, 2011: Various; overnight in Riverside at McMahan’s Mobile Park.

Sep 25, 2011: Spring Valley Academy Fall Festival; overnight at Home Depot, Dayton Mall.

Sep 23, 2011: Various; overnight at Moraine Airpark x2.

Sep 22, 2011: Various; overnight at The Greene after a midnight movie!

Sep 18, 2011: Back for the Dayton Concours d’Elegance; overnight at Moraine Airpark x4.

Sep 16, 2011: Run to the Waco Airplane Fly-in, Troy, OH; overnight x2 there.

Sep 15, 2011: Errands, Doug’s new glasses; overnight at Home Depot, Dayton Mall.

Sep 14, 2011: Resting & rain at MO-raine Airpark.

Sep 13, 2011: This and that around Dayton; overnight at The Greene.

Sep 11, 2011: One last meal at Greek Festival; overnight x2 at site in Riverside, OH.

Sep 9 & 10, 2011: Parked across the street for the Greek Festival in Dayton.

Sep 8, 2011: Roared all the way to Dayton; overnight at The Greene.

Sep 7, 2011: Landed in Kokomo; overnight at GreenTree Assisted Living.

Sep 6, 2011: Still charging south; overnight at Van Buren State Park, near South Haven, MI.

Sep 5, 2011: Charged some more; overnight at Mears State Park, in Pentwater, MI.

Sep 3, 2011: Charged down coast, landed at Sleeping Bear Dunes; overnight x2 in Platte River Campground.

Sep 2, 2011: Started down the western coast of lower Michigan; overnight in Magnus Park, Petoskey.

Sep 1, 2011: Back in the flatlands of lower Michigan; overnight in Wilderness State Park, right beside Mackinaw City.

Aug 31, 2011: Made it to The Bridge; overnight on the UP side in Straits State Park.

Aug 30, 2011: Headed toward Mackinac Bridge, only made it half way there….distracted by sweet little campground; overnight in Hog Island Point State Forest Campground, near Naubinway, MI.

Aug 29, 2011: Headed inland in the UP; overnight at Big Cedar Campground, in Germfask, MI (we couldn’t make that up!).

Aug 27 & 28, 2011: Spent all day along Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore; two overnights in Bay Furnace Campground, in the town named Christmas, MI!

Aug 26, 2011: Yoopers have a nice place here along Lake Superior; overnight at Woodland Park, in Grand Marais, MI.

Aug 25, 2011: Still Yoopers; moved north to Lake Superior; overnight in Tahquamenon (that’s easy for YOU to say) Falls State Park.

Aug 24, 2011: We crossed The Mackinac Bridge! Overnight in Straits State Park, UP MI.

Aug 23, 2011: More progress northward; overnight in Hoeft State Park, MI.

Aug 22, 2011: Barely moved north; overnight in Harrisville State Park, MI.

Aug 21, 2011: Made 238 miles today, with 7 stops; overnight in Tawas Point State Park on Lake Huron, above Saginaw, MI.

Aug 20, 2011: Headed to Michigan; overnight in Hampton Inn, Coldwater, MI.

Aug 18, 2011: Drove to Kokomo; overnight there, times 2.

Aug 17, 2011: Dayton! Overnight in Wal*Mart parking lot, Wilmington Pike.

Aug 16, 2011: A little north, a little east; overnight at Mound State Recreation Area (and Brookville Lake), near Brookville, IN.

Aug 15, 2011: Due east; overnight at Versailles State Park, still in IN.

Aug 14, 2011: A little south, a little east; overnight at Starve Hollow State Recreation Area, near Brownstown, IN.

Aug 11, 2011: Continued north at a crawl; only made it to Hardin Ridge Recreation Area, near Bloomington, IN; probably stay for 3 nights.

Aug 10, 2011: Drove up into Hoosier National Forest; overnight in Patoka Lake State Park.

Aug 8, 2011: Faced north just across the river from Louisville, and turned left real sudden-like: southern Indiana; overnight in O’Bannon Woods State Park, nearly overlooking the Ohio River, boundary between Indiana & Kentucky (stayed two nights).

Aug 7, 2011: On road toward southern Indiana; overnight in Sam’s Club parking lot, Madison, TN (just north of Nashville).

Aug 5 & 6, 2011: Made it to Collegedale; overnights out behind Jim Ashlock’s house.

Aug 3 & 4, 2011: Landed in Chattanooga; overnights in a little campground.

Aug 2, 2011: Still heading south; overnight in Home Depot parking lot in Manchester, TN.

Aug 1, 2011: Onward toward Chattanooga; bought 125 gallons of fuel! Overnight at Barren River Lake State Resort Park, south of Mammoth Cave, KY.

Jul 31, 2011: Headed south toward Chattanooga, TN; overnight in Columbus, IN Wal*Mart parking lot.

Jul 29 & 30, 2011: Kokomo, IN.

Jul 28, 2011: back to Bremen to get the black tank valve to operate properly!

Jul 26 & 27, 2011: Routine maintenance in Elkhart, IN.

Jul 24 & 25, 2011: Routine maintenance (and new tv!) in Bremen, IN.

Jul 23, 2011: Drove west; overnight at Newmar factory lot in Nappanee, IN.

Jul 22, 2011: Drove north; overnight at Lima truck stop!

Jul 21, 2011: Left Grandview Hospital briefly for grocery errands, and to meet Michelle at Lowe’s; overnight again at Grandview.

Jul 20, 2011: Inside coach all day, safe from heat, at Moraine Airpark; overnight at the curb beside Grandview Hospital, occupying 3 handicapped spaces just outside ER!

Jul 19, 2011: Spent the day shopping in Centerville; overnight at Moraine Airpark.

Jul 18, 2011: Met friends for dinner in the coach (they brought the food, we brought the AC) in the Wally Park in Middletown, OH; overnighted there.

Jul 17, 2011: Drove into Ohio; overnight at Rocky Fork State Park, near Hillsboro, OH.

Jul 16, 2011: Drove 45 miles north in Kentucky on US 23; spent most of the day and overnight at Yatesville Lake State Park.

Jul 15, 2011: Left Breaks, drove west and north into Kentucky; overnight at Jenny Wiley State Resort Park.

Jul 12, 2011: Drove up-and-down all day, went nearly nowhere, enjoyed it immensely; overnight for three nights at Breaks Interstate Park, on the Virginia/Kentucky border.

Jul 11, 2011: Left Deer Creek; overnight in Abingdon, VA beside the Virginia Highlands Airport.

Jul 8, 2011: Moseyed along Blue Ridge Parkway, overnight for three nights at Deer Creek Motorcoach Resort, Galax, VA.

Jul 7, 2011: Left Albemarle, headed north; overnight in Staples parking lot, Statesville, NC.

Jul 4-6, 2011: Stayed on a grassy lot beside Sharon’s home in Albemarle, NC.

Jul 3, 2011: Drove toward N Carolina; overnight beside Lowe’s in Statesville, NC.

Jul 2, 2011: Drove toward N Carolina; overnight beside Lowe’s in Wytheville, VA.

Jul 1, 2011: Drove toward N Carolina; overnight behind Cracker Barrel in Beckley, WV

Jun 30, 2011: Drove toward N Carolina; day ended early waiting for mail in Rockbridge, OH; overnight up the road at Wally Park, Logan, OH

Jun 29, 2011: Med appt for twins after lunch; drove toward N Carolina; overnight at Alum Creek State Park, north of Columbus, OH

Jun 28, 2011: Drove toward med appt in Lima; overnight beside Cracker Barrel in Ft Wayne, IN

Jun 26 & 27, 2011: Parked at Precision Painting in Bremen, IN

Jun 24 & 25, 2011: Parked at GreenTree in Kokomo, IN

Jun 23, 2011: Left Carriage Hill MetroPark after lunch; overnight at Richmond, IN Wal*Mart parking lot.

Jun 16, 2011: Left Kokomo for appointment in Dayton about the twins; spent next 6 nights at Moraine Airpark and one night in Riverside near the eagles!

Jun 14, 2011: Left Bremen after full day of service; overnight & next day at GreenTree (“catered living for seniors”) in Kokomo, IN.

Jun 10-13, 2011: Got genny fixed; drove down to Bremen, IN and parked for weekend and Monday beside another service shop; made several new friends!

Jun 8 & 9, 2011: Generator quit in Amish country, rerouted to Elkhart for service; stayed overnight for 2 nights behind Cummins Onan dealer.

Jun 7, 2011: Nearly all day at Kensington Metropark; overnight about 100 miles away in First Baptist Church parking lot in Tekonsha, MI.

Jun 6, 2011: All day at Bishop Lake Campground; overnight in Brighton, MI Home Depot parking lot.

Jun 5, 2011: Left Waterloo campground, wandered countryside north & east; overnight in South Lyon Kroger parking lot.

Jun 3, 2011: Glorious drive through countryside to Waterloo State Recreation Area; overnight for two nights in their Portage Lake campground.

Jun 2, 2011: Leave Spartan factory in early afternoon; lovely, casual drive to Jackson, MI where we spend night behind Wal*Mart alongside a drainage pond & railroad tracks (despite dreadful description, wasn’t actually too bad!).

Jun 1, 2011: Break monotony of I-69 at Pokagon State Park, IN; overnight at Spartan Chassis factory in charLOTTE, MI.

May 31, 2011: Meet new Dr for twins at office in Lima; cross-country to overnight at Auburn, IN Wal*Mart parking lot.

May 30, 2011: Stop by Ft Loramie State Park on way to Lima, OH; overnight at Lima Wal*Mart parking lot.

May 23-29, 2011: Here and there in Dayton; overnights at Moraine Airpark.

May 22, 2011: Dayton Dragons ballgame; overnight at Moraine Airpark.

May 21, 2011: Lovely day at Eastwood Lake Metropark in Dayton; overnight at Centerville Home Depot parking lot.

May 20, 2011: Prom in Centerville! Overnight in Centerville Wal*Mart parking lot.

May 19, 2011: Back in Kokomo at GreenTree Assisted Living; overnight in their parking lot.

May 18, 2011: Overnight at Rochester, IN Wal*Mart parking lot.

May 16-17, 2011: Elkhart both days; first overnight at Elkhart Adventist Church, second was plugged in at our service shop.

May 15, 2011: Breakfast in Stevensville, dinner in St Joseph; attempted overnight in Niles (verboten per local ordinance), so ended up in Elkhart Wal*Mart lot.

May 14, 2011: Kalamazoo by day; overnight at Andrews University.

May 13, 2011: Woke up in Holland, drove to charLOTT for emergency work; overnight in Battle Creek Wal*Mart parking lot.

May 12, 2011: Holland Wal*Mart lot, again!

May 11, 2011: still in Holland; leave early, go to Hoffmaster State Park, overnight there.

May 10, 2011: Holland by day; overnight in Wal*Mart parking lot.

May 8, 2011: Lansing by day; overnight at Spartan Chassis factory lot. Next night, too.

May 7, 2011: Battle Creek by day; overnight in Wal*Mart parking lot.

May 6, 2011: One day turns into the weekend and Monday; overnight Friday at Spartan factory.

May 5, 2011: Leave Elkhart and blast north to Charlotte (char-LOTT), MI to the Spartan Chassis factory; overnight on their lot.

May 4, 2011: We head to Elkhart, IN; overnight at Elkhart Adventist Church parking lot.

May 2-3, 2011: Days & overnights at GreenTree Assisted Living parking lot, Kokomo.

May 1, 2011: Head for Kokomo; overnight half way there at Summit Lake State Park near Muncie, IN.

Apr 30, 2011: Sabbath at Eastwood Lake Metropark. Overnight at Moraine Airpark.

Apr 29, 2011: Spend the day at Sharon Woods Park, Cincinnati, OH. Overnight in Riverside, OH, parking lot.

Apr 25-28, 2011: Drudge week in Dayton: spent trying to load the remaining boxes from the house into the coach. Overnights at Centerville Adventist Church parking lot. Overnight on Apr 28 in Kings Honda overflow lot in Cincinnati, OH.

Apr 24, 2011:Easter Sunday! Open-coach at Centerville (OH) Adventist Church parking lot! We had a blast…you guys were great! Overnight there; discover Washington Township disfavors overnight living in motor coaches.

Apr 22, 2011: Back to Dayton. Park at Moraine Airpark for two nights.

Apr 21, 2011: Back to Kokomo for the night.

Apr 20, 2011: Urgent trip to Elkhart, IN for repairs; overnight in Lowe’s parking lot.

Apr 12-20, 2011: The Big Taxi’s maiden voyage is to Kokomo, IN. The family takes Grandma Fell to her new home at GreenTree Assisted Living, near Granddaughter Andrea. Overnights in GreenTree parking lot.

Apr 6, 2011: Doug picks up the Big Taxi in Cape May, NJ, in the morning; they’re in Dayton, OH that night.

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  1. Thanks. I’m enjoying following your trek. It sounds like a very ambitious undertaking, but fun also. Best wishes for the tulip festival.

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