Why we do this

Apr 7, 2013: Standing Stone State Park, Celina, TN

Dec 25, 2012: Santa Rosa Island, FL @ Fort Pickens fishing pier

Apr 22, 2012: Carlyle, IL @ Dam West Campground

Mar 19, 2012: Carthage, TN @ Defeated Creek Campground

Jul 16, 2011: Louisa, KY @ Yatesville Lake State Park

Jun 2, 2011: Jackson, MI (see how the Taxi manages to sneak into our pictures?)

May 9, 2011: Grand Ledge, MI

May 6, 2011: Whoa, about as close to U of M as we want to get!

May 5, 2011: Goshen, IN

Apr 21, 2011: Elkhart, IN

4 thoughts on “Why we do this

  1. Doug,
    Les and I admire your commitment and the beautiful path you and Robyn have chosen to follow with your amazing family. (We also find your photography breathtaking and unique. Wow!). -Judi

    • Ohhh my, Judi, how kind & generous of you! This has been a lifesaver for us…preserves our sanity while keeping up with Ross & Ryan! So nice to hear from you…hope you will continue to share our travels!

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