The Coach

Mar 8, 2013: Man, do those 22s shine when you hit them with some serious elbow grease! This is a before-and-after, where the left wheel has received an hour of attention from a powerful drill, a polishing wheel, and “Mother’s” aluminum polish. Gotta rest before attacking the right one (and 4 more after that!)

Jun 28, 2011: Whew, the crew at Precision Painting in Bremen, IN (where the Taxi received its original paint before being shipped to the dealer in New Jersey who sold it new) gave the coach a complete buff-and-polish-job right alongside new coaches getting their “factory” paint jobs; 12 different people worked on it!

Ross and Ryan stayed in the coach for some of the time, then rode their motorcycles part of the time, I mean rested next to bikes after a tough walk around the huge expanse of concrete at the paint shop.

Jun 14, 2011: The Big Taxi rests under a rising moon after a hard day in Kokomo, IN

Jun 5, 2011: You see where the blog gets its name?

Apr 18, 2011: first wash & wax in Kokomo, Indiana; 3 pros spent 4 hours doing the dirty work!

3 thoughts on “The Coach

  1. I don’t know who cleans up better after a spit and shine, you or the taxi. Lol
    Well, maybe if we all had 3 pros spend 4 hours on us we would shine too! Lol What a beaut! Enjoy ur travels. SLOW AND Easy. Love randy and charlotte

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