Slow down, we need a rest!

We sure don’t do much hiking with Ross and Ryan, and we can’t do too much of anything without them, so…pictures of us hiking at all are rare.

Here’s one with all of us! (I’m behind the camera….)

Robyn’s father, Claude, was the reason we first came to stay in this area for the summer four years ago.

He ended up moving to Florida with his older daughter, Marion. But we got a photo of him hiking with us before he left.

I’m running this photo in recognition of his energy and enthusiasm, on the occasion of his return today to visit us for a few days in order to celebrate his 95th birthday!

Claude generally hiked near the front of our pack. If he was ever at the back, it was to help with stragglers! In all seriousness, he probably would put me to shame if it was just him and me on a lengthy hike.

Hats off, Claude…happy birthday…and best wishes for many more!

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