Too bad about the moon

Because we went looking for a moon rise to a location more than an hour from home, we took along supper.

But in all the drama and excitement looking for clear skies and a good shot, and the disappointment over eastern skies blocking the moon but western skies suddenly showing such lovely color…we forgot to eat (and feed the boys) until the sun had set and we were about 90 minutes from home.

Food! We fed the boys, and ate our own nibbles.

And finally turned toward home about 9:45.

Whoa, there’s the moon! Shining straight into our eyes whenever the Parkway would turn toward the east.

Quick, where’s an overlook to the east?

There. Stop. Get out the tripod. The night’s not wasted after all! (I really hope you click on this image…there’s a LOT going on in the darkness!)

6 thoughts on “Too bad about the moon

    • So glad you like it, Cindy! I love dark night sky photos…still learning how to do them well!

      Just wondering the other day how you are managing during this covid business…zoom hearings?

      We are well and functioning pretty smoothly…keeping to ourselves in the car, with the Blue Ridge Parkway so convenient nearby!

    • Hey thanks, Mike! Haaaa, last nite would’ve been great here…I could see all the stars when I took out the trash at 10pm! Dunno, we usually have so many clouds…good clue, I’d love to!

  1. “WOW, there is always a lot going on out there after sunset”!
    The city lights… The cell phone towers all seem to light up the sky…
    Glad y’all found the spot… Even the Racoon in the tree to your left… Ha, Bet Ya didn’t see it!
    Love from the Buckeye state!!!!!!!!!!!

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