Another moonrise

The other day we wanted to catch the full moon as it rose near sunset.

Actually, it was two nights before the full moon, when the moon would rise just about an hour before the sun set. Which, I figured, would allow the moon time to clear some small mountains on the horizon, and, allow the to still peek over the mountains behind where I’d be shooting, so as to illuminate the foreground with its golden rays.

It’s true, the moon would only be 93 percent full, but it’s also true that it looks full by then!

Great plan. We took off for the Parkway.

Hmmm, an hour before moon rise:
Not very promising.

We kept driving toward our chosen overlook.

Eventually, we slowed down. We stopped. Too many clouds in the east, a solid bank at the horizon.

Not to say the sky was boring….
Wow, see how the sunset is cranking up the color?

New Plan: let’s hurry to a sunset overlook!

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