Change in perspective

That photo yesterday? Didn’t it feel kind of rambunctious?

The water was white all the way down, because it bounced every inch of its way.

And we were looking up through the pale foliage into a bright sky.

Very different mood with this photo!

It’s the same stretch of creek, shot from the opposite direction. I’m standing almost where Robyn and Ross were in yesterday’s photo.

It also was a different day, following some rain, shot later in the day, so it looks darker. And it is an 8-second exposure, so the water looks smoother.

2 thoughts on “Change in perspective

  1. Hey Doug, this is beautiful! Where is it? Also, where is that red lighthouse at the top of your blogpage? It looks similar to one I visited in Michigan a few years ago. One final nosy question: when are you guys coming back out this way? Would love to hang out again!

    • Hey thanks Jim! The perspective shot is near Brevard, NC on a winding road headed up the mountainside to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

      The lighthouse is Big Red in Holland, MI.

      Would love to hang with you and the other great La Sierra journos! Probably be awhile…our excuse to visit No Calif moved to Florida….

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