If only

I love all the streams and rivers around here!

There’s not a level or straight stretch of road longer than a half mile…and usually much less! Everything is on a hill.

Which makes for lots and lots of streams, creeks, and rivers.

We have a favorite stretch of road running through Pisgah National Forest on the way up to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

It twists and turns in an ever-rising fashion, and its pavement is nearly always completely covered by over-hanging trees. Its path is controlled by the hillsides of the valley it follows between ridges, and by the creek that occupies the lowest part of the valley. We cross the creek back and forth as we go ever-upward.

There are several fairly large falls along the way, and each is the object of attention by many, many tourists. Since we’re parked here for the summer, we don’t consider ourselves tourists, so we don’t stop there.

Instead, we have found a lovely stretch of the creek that tumbles and falls through a chasm about 10-20 feet below the level of the road. It’s not to be seen from the road.

We always stop to check on it as we travel that way.

No formal path exists to get to its edge, and large rocks along the bank interfere in many places.

But Robyn did get energized once, when Ryan seemed to be particularly cooperative, to help him climb down and around sufficiently to sit very near the sound of the rushing water…where there nearly was slight spray to feel from the creek.

If only…a photo could convey what our senses felt! (click to see Robyn and Ryan)

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