Bye bye, sun

Where the coach is parked, our camp is nearly surrounded by mountains, some as near as 5 miles.

Our northern view…straight out our windows past only one coach…is lovely. Our gaze rarely takes notice of the power lines that cut across the view only a hundred yards away. But a camera image of that view seems to have big red arrows pointing to the lines and their poles! Maybe it’s just me.

Views in other directions off our campus are obstructed by large trees…except the western view. The setting sun!

Robyn walks up our slight hill almost every evening to take in the view, save it for posterity by a photo with her cell, and share it with you who are friends on Facebook with her and with me.

She gets some very, very wonderful images!

I rarely go, because one of us needs to stay with Ross and Ryan, and that scene is Robyn’s domain.

But we were all out in the car the other day, and when we arrived back at camp the sunset looked promising. So we drove the car up to the west lookout.

I liked the complexity of the scene: the sun’s rays pointing right at us, the various types of clouds both far and near…including the fog that grew by the second just beyond the field where we stood, and the dramatic shading of the clouds to the left of the sun.

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