It’s nice to stand here

We have a new kick: we head for mountain views when the weather’s bad.

It was born of necessity, but we’ve adopted it with vigor, because we have so much fun with the results!

Several weeks ago, Robyn checked her weather app and found every day for the next 14 days showed a likelihood of rain exceeding 50 percent. Bummer.

But we knew from one experience that rain here at the coach didn’t guarantee rain in the mountains. And further, we knew from several summers of experience here that rain now didn’t guarantee rain for the day.

So when it fits our schedule to run to the mountain views, we simply look for a break in the weather to load into the car, and we head out.

And sure enough, we’ve been rewarded every time!

Sometimes it takes awhile…the other day it rained or was gray fog for nearly an hour as we got onto the Parkway and drove along its curves and hills. But sure enough, eventually there was golden sunshine up ahead.

Which is what we experienced this day. That golden sunshine kept being around the next corner…no, the next corner…but no, the next corner.

Here is where we finally found it.
And around another corner…another nice place to stand and gaze in wide wonder at this incredible world.

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