The value of mobile

You’ll recall we made this run clear down to Brunswick, GA…from where the coach was parked south of Asheville, NC…to explore winter-time options along the East coast that would still be north of Florida.

We spent a night at a lovely hotel outside Charleston, SC, explored several parks, enjoyed some outstanding southern cuisine, and thoroughly enjoyed a tour of the ocean front.

And so thoroughly enjoyed all those things that we didn’t click a single frame….

Then we moved down the coast to a lovely hotel outside Savannah, GA. We ran over to Hilton Head, Tybee Island, and some other fun spots. Checked on several parks for the coach. Were so caught up in all the great sights and sounds and tastes…that we never clicked a single frame….

Good thing we stayed another night there, so we could run down to Brunswick, GA. Really enjoyed visiting an RV park there, and had a very fortunate conversation with several of its staff.

We asked about any bugs in the winter months. They looked at each other, and started rattling off a list of tiny beasts…that changed by the month. All winter. We said “Wow, all winter?” They laughed and said, “You DO know this is the south, right?” HA Ha ha. Hmmmm.

We can’t do bugs with Ross and Ryan. The boys don’t defend themselves at all, and they scratch any itch or bump until it bleeds, then scratch it some more!

Oh well, there went this quest.

Except we caught Driftwood Beach right near sunset. Just as the moon was rising off shore. With a lovely blue sky that kept coloring up more and more, the closer we got to sunset!

And a tiny jet trail….

Ahhhh….I can die happy!

4 thoughts on “The value of mobile

  1. So enjoy your pictures….just stunning….be safe when possible and always enjoy your journey!
    My best to you and Robyn

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