Going mobile

You do understand we may park the coach for several months at a time, but our Lil Taxi keeps us mobile all the time!

Awhile back, we got an itch to explore an alternative to Florida for our winter respite.

The South Carolina and Georgia coast lines offer some wonderful areas to visit and explore: Charleston, Savannah, Hilton Head, Brunswick.

So much colorful history, so much remarkable ocean shoreline!

We needed to consider a large number of parks that were available for the coach, and decided to make it light and lively by driving the car and staying in hotels in a couple places along the coast. We didn’t limit ourselves to only looking at parks…this was significant new territory to explore.

Oh what fun!

On Jekyll Island, along Brunswick, Georgia’s shoreline, we ran across Driftwood Beach.

It’s not simply a jumbled pile of logs. This is the ocean, so the driftwood here is entire trees that have been tossed and scrubbed for who-knows-how-many miles and months.

And we showed up as the 55 percent moon was rising!

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