The novelty sunset photo

I really love to have some fun when there’s a really colorful sunset.

Actually, the real fun begins well after sunset. Like 40 minutes after.

This image gets some extra juice from the fabulous vista provided by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I made the first image almost exactly one hour before sunset. I banged it off with my cell phone, just to keep a reminder with me as we scouted several Blue Ridge Parkway overlooks for the evening’s sunset festivities.

We actually shot the pictures that you saw in the posts from the past two days at another overlook. We drove past this one again as we were headed home.

When I saw this smokey scene (there’s no smoke, but the scene just smokes!, don’t you think?), I almost slammed on the brakes. That’s pretty disruptive to the other occupants of the car, so I drove on until there was a chance to turn around.

I’m still learning how to use all the abilities of a new camera, and it took me about 15 minutes to make about a dozen images. The night image below was the last one.

Isn’t it interesting to compare these two photos? Who would guess from the daytime shot that there were so many homes and businesses in the scene? (And a broadcast tower almost dead center in the image.) Can’t see them.

But the lights at night make it easy in the second image. And yet, the array of clouds on the horizon in the night scene are easily confused with the line of mountains…we need the daytime shot to set us straight.

But I think there’s no chance anyone will prefer the daytime photo to the night shot….

BTW, I can just barely make out the details of the second image on my phone…you’ve gotta see it on a big computer screen to appreciate all that’s going on!

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