Look around after sunset

Sometimes the most amazing late afternoon skies completely crash at sunset, because a solid bank of clouds forms down at the horizon. No sun.

Ahhh, but stick around, because the sun could still shine through a bunch of clouds beyond your horizon…which adds color to its light…and shine that wonderful color all over some clouds above your head or over your left shoulder.

Like this image.

It was taken only 10 minutes after sunset and at an angle about 90 degrees from where the sun actually set…which just happened to be where that 24 percent moon was showing so nicely!

2 thoughts on “Look around after sunset

  1. Yes, I’ve learned to hang around. My worst memory on that: I’d gone to Holland to speak on a Sabbath afternoon. After, I went out to the park on the north side of the channel, took a few pix of the lighthouse across the channel, waited a bit for sunset. Clouds near the horizon looked promising, but as you say, they ultimately melded and blocked any great display. I knew the rule of staying around for 30 minutes, but a carload of youth arrived, and I felt a little uneasy in the midst of their jollity as a lonely old woman with expensive equipment, so I decided the sun had done its thing and I’d go home. When I got down the long road back to 31, I looked back, and I have maybe never seen such a spectacular sunset. There were layers of thin clouds from the horizon all the way up to the top of the sky, with each edge scalloped in pink. Alas, there was noplace to pull over for a shot. It lasted. At a Saugatuck exit I headed off to the marina, but never found a good foreground or a good stopping place. I watched that gorgeous sky all the way to Benton Harbor before it faded–and have kicked myself ever since for not staying a little longer in the park.

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