Sunset is a cheap shot

Everybody loves to take the picture on vacation with the bright sun and the gorgeous blue sky background.

But everybody loves to shoot the glorious colors at sunset. Nothing else, just the colors. It’s a cheap shot, but we all love it!

I have two suggestions: first, try to get something in the foreground with those glorious sunset colors. Cell phone cameras these days can handle some really dramatic range of light. Try some shots that have some fun stuff close to the camera…you might get an interesting cheap shot!

Two, hang around after the sun has actually disappeared. Often, the color gets even more dramatic…and often the drama is away from where the sun actually sets.

Today’s picture was actually clicked at the instant of sunset. And even though we were up on top of a mountain, the sun was setting on the other side of some other distant mountains…so it actually disappeared from our sight about 10 minutes earlier.

The sky was still going strong, and it provided quite a bit of ambient light in front of us that produced all kinds of colors and textures. For about half an hour before this image was made, we had been watching low fog pouring over and around several mountains and filling a distant valley in the direction of the setting sun.

4 thoughts on “Sunset is a cheap shot

  1. Dang it, Doug. I recently changed my desktop background to one of your Moon shots. Now I’m going to have to change it again

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