Close, but no cigar

In yesterday’s post, I told you about stumbling upon a view of Asheville’s largest water reservoir from the Parkway.

Today’s photo is my consolation pic from a day spent trying to find a view of that reservoir!

We decided to spend a day driving around the lowlands, which can be just as hard as driving in the mountains, because no roads are straight or flat. You need Google maps to get from here to there, because there are no thruways!

We often found ourselves driving 15 miles per hour on twisty roads without center lines. I saw more creeks that day than I had seen in a year.

We could see a large lake on our car nav screen, and we could see flashes of water through the trees, but never was there an opening, and never was there a sign directing us to a park or boat ramp.

We eventually put 2 and 2 together after we saw a fair number of “Asheville Watershed” signs that prohibited parking alongside roads that were beside the lake.

When we finally got a decent cell signal, we pulled up a map that showed Burnett Reservoir. Ahhhhh.

But we passed a lovely, tiny, lake across the road from the reservoir where a creek fed into the reservoir. I backed up and took a snap.

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