All a matter of scale

You do know that quite a bit of the Blue Ridge Parkway is lined with…nearly covered by…trees, right?

And it twists and turns, goes up and down, as it follows the mountain ridges.

So, sometimes we come around a corner and are met with quite a different scene than when we last had a view of the vista.

On the day of this photo, the sky had been fairly nondescript, with sort of a generalized skiff of thin clouds up kind of high…not interfering with the view, but not adding much either.

But we came around a corner and saw this great new towering cumulus cloud. I stopped to shoot!

During the course of about 10 frames, the cloud moved sideways quite a bit, but it also grew taller quite a bit! This was my final frame at that overlook.

In this frame we are looking in a fairly narrow field of view because of the close trees on either side. But our depth of view is terrific…probably 75 miles.

Look at how many changes occur across that field of view: lovely sunshine here at the camera, the huge cloud growing to our left and already dumping rain back under its leading edge, the fairly solid overcast beyond the cumulus straight out and to the right, and so many hills and ridges that we lose them in the blue haze before they quit.

As close as that cumulus cloud looks, it never affected our travel that day…and we later drove directly across its location in this photo, but it had moved on.

My takeaway from all this: we are such tiny parts of this great big world, and as much as we might see, we understand and experience much less of it.

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