Bad weather is good!

The first several summers we spent in these mountains (the elevation where we’re parked is 2250 feet), I was bored after a couple weeks.

The view from the Parkway was always lovely and green, and there were usually some nice clouds for texture in a photo.

But it was just an endless series of hills and ridges covered with what looked from a distance like green moss. Lovely. Let’s go.

Last year, we headed out for a scenic drive, and were dismayed to see that very dark clouds were rapidly blowing in from one side. It looked like the section of Parkway where we were headed would be enveloped by rain by the time we got there.

We talked about turning around, but decided to press on just to experience the ride through the tunnel of green during a monsoon. Besides, the road up into the mountain ran right beside a creek, and it might have some good action to watch!

It was actually rather uneventful. The fury of rain was modest and brief.

Except, on the other side of the storm, there was a different look to the hillsides, and the view from the Parkway was more dramatic than we’d seen before.

I regret to tell you that I spent my time that day admiring the view rather than capturing it with my camera!

But this image illustrates my point at least a little. The stripes from the heavens are shafts of light, not showers of rain. But give the scene 20 minutes, and we could find rain almost anywhere in our view!

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