Mood rock

Yesterday in the late afternoon, we stopped by the Parkway overlook that positions Looking Glass Rock so centrally in its view.

Or tried to stop by. It was wall-to-wall with cars and people! And the great central view that provides such a vista was overgrown with weeds six feet high!

Actually, I was able to find a parking spot way off on the edge, and was able to find a narrow opening in the trees along that edge…and squeezed off a simple shot of The Rock.
We decided to revisit some nearby overlooks, to see if there were any decent views we had previously missed…or dismissed for some reason. And yes, there were!

Indeed, none offered the same deep and expansive vista, but one in particular provided a nice, close view of The Rock while still showing some very nice context…see below!

The two photos in this post were taken only 25 minutes apart, but the light had changed quite a bit, and the day’s humidity and slight haze had progressed into some occasional puffs of low-lying cloud and more noticeable filling between peaks.

The mood is quite different between them, don’t you think?

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