Moon rise over The Rock

Each month, on the night of the full moon or on the night before, there’s a chance to get a photo of the rising moon while there is still enough light from the setting sun to illuminate the foreground landscape.

The combination of rising full moon and setting sun varies each month, sometimes occurring 45 minutes apart and sometimes occurring within mere minutes. It’s good to compare the night before full moon, in case its combination works better.

On this evening, the moon rose only 4 minutes before sunset, which meant the sun was actually down by the time the moon cleared the small mountains on the horizon. Further, the sun actually set behind the Blue Ridge Parkway, so its light was cut off even faster.

If we had come up the night before, moon rise would have occurred an hour and 10 minutes before sunset! We would probably have had a tough time seeing the moon as it rose.

The three photos here were taken at 8:39pm, 8:41, and 8:43, and the camera position was only slightly changed from the first shot to the second. Just those slight differences in time produced some interesting changes in the scene.

Because the sun’s light dropped away so quickly after the moon rose, the scene is quite dim, and I purposely avoided artificially making it lighter with my processing software. I hope you are able to click on these images on a computer monitor so you can see the full effect of the progression of the rising moon and surrounding landscape.

2 thoughts on “Moon rise over The Rock

  1. Your photos are always amazing! I feel so blessed to be able to witness your beautiful travels with you! God bless you all.

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