Like a rock

We have taken a real liking to this view from one of the Blue Ridge Parkway overlooks.

It happens to be fairly close to where we frequently join the Parkway. But its attraction is several things: it’s wide (so we don’t have to worry about hogging a vantage point), and it offers a wide and deep eastern view (which allows pleasant late-evening soft sunlight to illuminate the view).

But really, its greatest claim to fame is the close and prominent view of Looking Glass Rock.

You’ve already seen a fun photo from this overlook: the July 12 post titled “Have you noticed all the clouds”. I love that scene.

I used this particular photo of the Rock because of the near-absence of clouds!

Tomorrow’s post will have some very special views of Looking Glass Rock….

2 thoughts on “Like a rock

  1. Glad you’re getting to enjoy all the views from the Parkway. I’ve been lucky enough to ride it on a bike twice. We would pull into every lookout to 1) enjoy the view, and 2) take a rest.If you haven’t already, I hope you be able to see the Linn Cove Viaduct, and spend time at the museum there to learn about the engineering feat of building it.

    • Ha ha, the bike must’ve been exciting! Yeah, we’ve been over to the Viaduct, and spent very brief time in the museum. Would love to get a nice photo of it! Still time this summer…

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