Speaking of color

We drove past a sign that announced an upcoming site: Bald Rock Heritage Preserve.

A further sign indicated this was the site, and there was a very narrow & steeply sloped parking area…full of cars. Hmmm, maybe we should look.

We were actually just across the border into South Carolina, up in the mountains. No cell signal that would allow us to scout the place at all.

So down a 100 foot long trail, and this is what we found:

Bald all right, except for that covering of graffiti!

I framed this photo to catch some of the rock and graffiti, but to primarily show the incredible view of an immense wilderness area. I figured the graffiti was allowed as an innocuous opportunity for people to let off steam.

Turns out the South Carolina DNR is considering closing the site to the public, because the graffiti has increased dramatically in recent months…you know, when people have had nothing else to do but drive around and enjoy nature (with a spray can in their hand).

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