Color, color everywhere

This is the fourth summer we have stayed in this area, and we still find new places and see new sights.

Sometimes what’s new is the appearance of an area at a different time of year than we’ve seen before.

As I said in yesterday’s post, the elevation of areas along the parkway affects their growing season. And sometimes the transition from winter drab to summer green occurs very quickly.

Several years we have almost comletely missed the explosion of rhododendron.

The color in this picture seems to be lovely fall leaf colors. But look closely…it was taken only a week after yesterday’s picture, although at a slightly lower elevation.

All that color is from fresh leaves that have not fully uncurled, from small buds not yet beginning to uncurl, from seed pods with bright foliage, from brief spring blossoms that soon fall, and from weeds and mountain flowers in low shrubbery.

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