Mutt and Jeff

As we explore the areas where we park the coach, we try to find points of interest that are readily accessible.

Ross and Ryan are pretty game to try fairly rough trails, but that effort wears thin quickly. When a trail is particularly rough, sometimes Robyn will plunge ahead and I’ll stay with the twins, and if she returns with a glowing report and great pics on her phone, she’ll stay with the twins and I’ll go ahead.

Sometimes we just get lucky, and we can see the excitement right from the car!

In the instance of Bridal Veil Falls near Highlands, NC, the road actually goes behind the falls!

Well, used to go behind. I guess they got tired of ice on the road in winter, and all year there were problems with falling rocks. So now we drive past it, park next to it, and walk behind it. Just a wisp of a thing.

Less than a mile past this falls is the largest torrent in a free fall that we have seen around these parts.

It’s called…wait for it…Dry Falls!

The greatest thing about it is you can walk behind it!

If you click on this pic, and look carefully near the center, there’s a colorful-but-blurry combination of Robyn and Ryan, and a faint seated pair of Ross and Grandpa Claude!

2 thoughts on “Mutt and Jeff

    • These two falls are nearly two hours from where the coach is parked, Madeline, but only 66 miles away. That’s a clue about the road! US Rt 64 across some of the prettiest countryside we’ve seen in our travels.

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