Sometimes, there’s no easy way down

In all these valleys, the water has to fall, and sometimes it just has to do it abruptly.

Not necessarily with high drama…sometimes almost delicately:
This is Shunkawauken Falls, which comes in two main cascades. The one shown above falls right beside a very narrow turn in the road. Its water is then piped under the road and cascades further from there. Like this:
In other locations, there’s so much water and so much vertical drop to cover, high drama is required.

This is Triple Falls from the hiking trail, and the drama of its sound gives fair warning…it’s a biggie.
Up close, it’s quite the thundering beast. Photos are challenging, because it generates a lot of misty spray. There are no viewing platforms…you can walk right up and into the water! For this photo, I was just back from the water’s edge, and about 20 feet above the edge of the final 50-foot cascade.

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