Lotsa falls

The next county to the west from where we’re parked this summer is named Transylvania.

Its name is derived from the Latin words, trans meaning “across”, and sylva meaning “woods.” Whew, we need not fear walking in its woods.

The county calls itself the “Land of Waterfalls” due to the 250 waterfalls located there. Transylvania County receives over 90 inches of rain annually, and is the wettest county in the state. In contrast, Buncombe County, which is the next county to the north from where we’re parked, receives the lowest precipitation!

We have barely begun to explore its waterfalls…we keep getting sidetracked by its unnamed ones! This one is right beside the road, but it’s below the road level enough that you don’t know it’s there unless you stop…and hear…the rushing & splashing water!

The twin falls below are part of a series of falls named Linville Falls. These are the gentle ones. I hope to produce an image of the rough and rugged ones! The trail to these was a challenging walk for Ross and Ryan, but they loved to hear the rushing water!

3 thoughts on “Lotsa falls

  1. Great photos. I used to win photo club awards for some of mine. Looks like I must return to Asheville for some great ones. Are you folks living in the RV or in a rental home? If in a park what is its name…Many Thanks…Blessings…In His Service…TLC

  2. Again, beautiful! I, too, love waterfalls. I want to stop at every one we encounter, but my husband is likely to say, “You already took a picture of a waterfall.”

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