Green, green, all just green

Occasionally I complain (in jest) “It’s all so GREEN, just green, everywhere you look…green”.

You look to the east:It’s green.

You look to the south:It’s green as far as the eye can see.

Truly, it’s easy to get jaded (sorry), I mean bored, by this magnificent scenery. Around every corner on the Blue Ridge Parkway it’s the same scene: green ridges, bumps, and dips for literally a hundred miles! Yes, the really distant portion of the view takes on a bluish cast…these are the Blue Ridge Mountains…but it’s really a lot of green.

Slow down. In fact, stop.

If you get out of your car and stand still for a few minutes, you begin to see something….

First, there are scads of different shades of green. Oh wow, how exciting.

Stay with me. Notice the little blue lake down there? Right in the center.
(you can click on any photo to make it fill your screen)

Take your time, and you’ll discover all kinds of fascinating things about this great green world!

Oh, you know why it’s so green, don’t you? Uh huh, water, lots of water.

6 thoughts on “Green, green, all just green

  1. May your photos warm all who receive them and help alleviate the isolation of today…Blessings…In His Service…TLC

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  2. Beautiful pictures, though somehow clicking on them doesn’t bring them up to full screen. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my computer or with the message. I’ve been able to do it in the past, but not with these. Anyway, they are gorgeous as is. Thanks.

  3. Beautiful!!!! If you pass thru Fancy Gap Virginia, there us a great cafe right off the Parkway and their food is wonderful. We stayed many times in Fancy Gap. Also, in Elkin NC is a nice little stop over campground called Byrd’s Branch. Have fun!!

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