Can you say Ayshvull?

Despite yesterday’s alligator, HERE right now is on the lee side of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Asheville, NC. We plan to be here for the summer.

It might be enough that we’re parked only 18 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. But noooo, we enjoy cooler and drier and more breezy summer weather here than in Dayton, about 400 miles to the north!

This is the fourth summer we’ve enjoyed this location. We park the coach in a 55+ travel park that is only open May-Oct. Most of those who stay here leave their fifth wheel or straight trailer rigs year round…empty during the winter months when the park is closed. They have homes or condos further south where it’s warmer in the winter.

Because of the altitude here, winter months are very windy and cold. Snow occurs, but not much or very often…it’s mostly just dreary.

But not in the summer! (click the pic for a BIG view!)

3 thoughts on “Can you say Ayshvull?

  1. It is always good to hear from you and the beautiful photos. If Joyce is able we would like to come to Ashville sometime. Know that your positive life is a blessing to so many…In His Service…T.Crowl

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