I can see for miles and miles

So obviously, parked near the Blue Ridge Parkway, we have to be Ridge Runners all summer long!

Ross and Ryan love the twisty-turny roads to get there. Robyn and I love the tunnel of trees on the way up the mountain.

But THE VIEW takes the cake!

We can actually gain entrance to the Parkway from five different spots near our coach. Sometimes we’ll get some special groceries in Asheville, and take a brief run along the Parkway.

But our greatest extravagance is to time an errand around lunchtime, swing past a favorite diner for take-out Mexican food, and drive 1.5 miles to the Parkway to eat it! Ohhh my….good food, good company, good comfort in the car, and GREAT VIEW!

Can you say Ayshvull?

Despite yesterday’s alligator, HERE right now is on the lee side of the Blue Ridge Mountains outside Asheville, NC. We plan to be here for the summer.

It might be enough that we’re parked only 18 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway. But noooo, we enjoy cooler and drier and more breezy summer weather here than in Dayton, about 400 miles to the north!

This is the fourth summer we’ve enjoyed this location. We park the coach in a 55+ travel park that is only open May-Oct. Most of those who stay here leave their fifth wheel or straight trailer rigs year round…empty during the winter months when the park is closed. They have homes or condos further south where it’s warmer in the winter.

Because of the altitude here, winter months are very windy and cold. Snow occurs, but not much or very often…it’s mostly just dreary.

But not in the summer! (click the pic for a BIG view!)

Hey, where y’all been?

Ohhh, we’ve been here and there, doing this and that. How about you?

Actually, I’ve had a great, gaping wound in my side…because you and I have had no conversation in words and photos for over four years!

Robyn and I have limited the amount of countryside we roll through during this blog hiatus…mostly because it’s been enough fun (and work) to check out more thoroughly some geography that fits our need for climate and family.

I’ve been so caught up doing life with these twin needs-machines and my sweet wife, that I frankly haven’t been much inspired to shoot photos.

Which isn’t to say there hasn’t been anything interesting to see….(click on the pic for an up-close view!)DSC00109