Movin up

Tillamook! Oh, you’ve heard of the place?

Our trip up the Oregon coast was because we wanted to attend the wedding in Tillamook of my father’s widow, Barbara. She had reconnected with a cherished friend from first grade!

The event was a very lovely celebration, and we enjoyed being part of it.

Even before the wedding…just minutes after we arrived at our parking site and set up the coach…we jumped in the Lil Taxi and ran up the road to the next town to check on the status of a Bald Eagle nest.

It was occupied last year at this time, and we hoped to spot at least one of the adults.

Nobody home at the nest.

It was dusk and it was soooo dim. Maybe one would be fishing in the sparking light of sunset on Tillamook Bay a block away.

Good guess.DSC_2941

And he or she got something….DSC_2950

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