A final shot at Thor

We awoke to the prediction of a lovely day, and it looked promising.

Might it give us another shot…to shoot Thor’s Well before we left Waldport and headed north?

Ya think?DSC_2410

Do you see near the center of the Well a light area? Click on the photo.

It’s light reflecting off the ocean surface as it comes through a hole in the bottom/side of the Well! So, although we see some water draining down the edges of the Well from the surface up here, that hole can also bring water gushing up into the Well!

The process happens kind of like this.DSC_2313



I had to turn to the right a little for that last shot, because the spray from the initial explosion to the left began to rain on me!

Even as the Well recovered from the wave that came from the left, it experienced a small blow from a wave to the right…there must be another hole to it from over that way.

We could roll north from Waldport now.DSC_2454

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