Not everything has feathers

Our time on the west coast often coincides with the gray whale migration south to Mexico and then their migration back north around Alaska.

Very tough to get a real good view from land, but sometimes you get lucky.DSC_2763

As I was waiting for more whales to pass, I noticed something odd to my right, at the spot where the Yachats River empties into the ocean.

It looked like a bunch of kelp leaves sticking up…except they kept moving erratically. Robyn trained her big binoculars on them.

We could see noses!

Probably California Sea Lions (lost, because this was waaaay into Oregon. I’m kidding, their habitat extends beyond the CA state lines).

They will float together on their backs for camaraderie and rest, with their flippers extended out of the water to catch warmth from the sun!

Rafting, it’s called.

We think there are four in this picture.DSC_2683

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