Thwarted again at Thor

So you saw that last photo in yesterday’s post….

Nope, that wave convinced me this was not going to be my day to shoot Thor’s Well.

Oooooooooooooo, but wait, look at the sunset…..DSC_1709

That’s the Well, near the bottom, the dark hole in the right third. See the three photographers to its right, at the very bottom of this image? They know a background when they see one!

Quick, get the right lens, get down there, and get the shot!

I hesitated for some reason, and happened to get the next shots because I had the camera set to shoot continuously at a fairly high rate.

These images have been heavily cropped from pretty much the same scene as above, so their quality for detail and sharpness is seriously lacking…but I think you’ll get the point. You can click on any image to have it fill your screen.DSC_1710












They survived the blast…and already here comes another wave!DSC_1722

3 thoughts on “Thwarted again at Thor

  1. They survived, but did their cameras? I remember last year when the spray from a waterfall in Icieland killed my Canon Rebel very dead, and I had to go through the rest of Iceland and time in Norway without it. Fortunately, I had a backup PowerShot, but not comparable for really good picitures.

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