Not a lighthouse

Well, it’s actually a lighthouse, but even through two different names it’s never been called a lighthouse.

We gave you a peek through old pilings yesterday. Today, we gaze at the Coquille River Light across a bit of flooded area and the Coquille River, just short of where the river empties into the Pacific.

This edifice was originally called Bandon Light. It operated for about 45 years, but was decommissioned in 1939. Restoration has occurred in various stages since 1976.

This is our parting shot from being parked for a week in Bandon. We could easily have spent a month.DSC_1532

2 thoughts on “Not a lighthouse

  1. How do you decide when to move on? So many wonderful places and things to see. You blog and photos bring me such joy.

    • I always enjoy your comments, Judy! We try to set up loops that begin and end in Dayton about every six months. Our destination is often Robyn’s dad in No Calif, and we vary our route and timing to get there and return from there…we’re always flexible for weather and friends along the way!

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