On a brighter note

We left the coach earlier than usual, on a windy, chilly, day that showed promise of sunshine.

Both we and the boys were reluctant to engage in the work necessary to get down the flights of steps to the beach in Bandon…so we enjoyed a stroll along the paved walkway that follows much of the shoreline in the center of town.

The roof in the foreground here is a house that is still safely up the hill from any possible wave action…short of a tsunami…but you can see how far below the top it is. The owners and their visitors must park off-street and walk down the steps you see at the far right!DSC_1127

Just beyond the point of land seen at the top in the photo above, I took the next photo. Do you see why they call the island in the center of the picture Face Rock?

Do you see the gulls on its lower lip and chin? You can click once to have the picture fill your screen, or click twice for it to be its native size.DSC_1135

This last picture shows the coastline north from Face Rock. See the man on the sand close to the middle of the scene? He helps give perspective to the length of the run-up for waves even here at low tide, and to the various sizes of rocks that populate this portion of the Oregon coast.DSC_1139

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