A lot going on

Down on the beach…at low tide…there’s a whole lot happening.

The waves are running and rolling, pushing and banging, pouring and gushing…and feeding like they always do.

Feeding? Yep, because those starfish and anemone sit high and dry between waves, so they’re ready to slurp from every bit of water that washes by.

In the first picture below, click on it and look carefully near the center. You will find several colorful anemone and starfish hanging on…waiting.

The water pushes sand around even at its lowest setting. I try to imagine the very high settings when waves push around the large timbers that line the edge of the shore.

The gulls swoop and call at low tide, because many of their prey are exposed or otherwise easier to find and grab.

In any case, it’s a beautiful time to observe the sea shore.

By the way, I think the large rock in the middle of the second picture looks like a very large elephant’s foot….DSC_0978


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