Still on the beach

The beach near the heart of Bandon, Oregon is fascinating for about a mile in each direction.

If there’s a low tide in the evening, there’s a crowd of people walking their dogs, and kids playing dare with the small waves as they rolllllll in for so long on the nearly level sand.

But where the big rocks (“islands” they call them) interfere with the waves’ progress, things are less smooth.DSC_1005

Wait…give it a moment…or until 10 minutes after sunset…then 10 seconds…to expose a different view.


3 thoughts on “Still on the beach

  1. On second thought, it might just be a gull, now that I see so many others down below. But what I noticed about it was the white head and the dark body, making me think Bald Eagle. Without blowing it up more, it’s hard to tell.

    • Yep, it got Robyn’s attention when she saw it here on my computer monitor! Click on it twice and it will enlarge beyond your monitor, then you can drag it or drag your window sliders to see that portion of the pic…it’s actually two gulls and the shape of rock between them. Because they just wouldn’t stand still during the 10 sec exposure, they have extra shape to their forms!

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