King of the hill

North of Brookings, Oregon, Hwy 101 makes a right-angle turn in the town of Port Orford.

If you’re driving south, the pavement actually continues straight, but it becomes a city street and runs up a fair hill.

The townspeople manage to grab your attention at this location by painting large letters on the pavement where it goes up the hill: OCEAN VIEW.

In fact, southbounders have been inland for about 20 miles, and that street offers them the first view of the ocean for awhile.

Of course, you turn the corner, and in just a block the road begins to run beside the shoreline again….

Which brings us to today’s photo.

Battle Rock is very nearly connected to the shoreline in Port Orford just a block from the “ocean view” street.

Its name derives from the effort of some Native Americans to convince some white people to go away who landed by ship and wanted to settle down right there.

The Indians threatened the handful of whites, who promptly removed themselves to the rock. Because it could only be approached by the one steep, narrow path, it was easily defended and the Indians were thwarted in their attack.

Of course, the whites were also stuck where they sat. However, the ship that delivered them returned in a couple weeks and they were saved.

We know how the ultimate battle ended, by the anglo name of the town….DSC_0413

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