All washed up

I said this section of beach always has logs and timbers washed up on it….

The flat portion in this picture doesn’t usually have water on it.

But those logs weren’t dragged there by a tractor! When an extreme high tide occurs, and is accompanied by some real special waves, this flat area gets all kinds of stuff washed onto it, and there’s no slope to allow it to wash back out to sea.

I’d sure love to have been here to see the waves that washed up some of these huge trees and stumps!

Ummm, maybe not.

By the way, this picture illustrates the benefit of clicking on it so it will fill your screen. To make it enlarge to 100% of its natural size, you have to click a second time. When you do, you’ll discover Robyn standing on the banks of Redwood Creek, near the right side about one-third of the way down!DSC_9433

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