The large herd of Roosevelt Elk that hangs around a valley north of us about 25 miles is comprised of about 40 adult females, maybe 30 teenagers, and 1 large male much of the time.

A small group of about 15 adult males will sometimes be found near them, but not often during the time of year we’re in town.

During the nearly two weeks Jared was here around Christmas, we couldn’t find either group anywhere.

Don’t you know the large herd has been hanging beside US 101 for a week now, and yesterday the herd of males was causing a traffic jam by its presence beside the road!

How about the one with only 1 antler?DSC_9636DSC_9571DSC_9594

3 thoughts on “Bull

    • Thank you, Judy! These guys were accustomed to humans, but they sure were nervous with so many of us around. I think they had planned to cross the road, but 6 cars stopped in their path!

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