New vistas

This is our third winter on the California North Coast.

We enjoy being near Robyn’s dad, we appreciate the mild weather here along the coast, and we love exploring the shoreline.

Each year, our exploration has pulled in closer and closer to where we’re parked. The first year, we ran up and down the coast for 75 miles in each direction…even farther on a couple occasions.

But the nearby areas offer soooo much to occupy our attention, we spend less time roving and more time exploring.

Yet it seems we visit more new places all the time.

Like this beach down the cliff from Scenic Drive.

It’s a very low tide, so I venture out across a plain of rocks that are usually underwater. My path takes some calculation, because there are large tidal pools here and there.

Here’s a clue that the area is usually underwater:DSC_8968

This little guy is hoping the water comes back real soon!

The main object of my attention is a sea stack with trees on top. I’m going to climb a large rock near it. The rock will shield me from waves, while giving me some elevation so rocks and waves can be seen in the foreground.

Rough day…lots of clouds and haze and spray. The rock I’m climbing has lots of underwater vegetation growing on it, so it’s slippery! Ahh, but they add color….

Well, here’s today’s new vista:DSC_9075

3 thoughts on “New vistas

  1. I’m really enjoying your beautiful coastal pictures, but I’m also surely hoping that you don’t get caught in the tide someday, or slip on a rock and get some immobilizing injury while Robyn is with the boys somewhere else, blissfully unaware of your need.

    • Ohhh, so glad you enjoy what we’re seeing, Madeline. I wear shorts & sandals all the time so there’s less to worry about, and I always have my cell phone in a high pocket! But I can assure you that I’ve learned to scope out a shot before I put myself at risk, and I never turn my back on the ocean when I’m near waves.

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