Always rushin

I visited a new beach.

It’s right along Scenic Drive, the road we take nearly every day on our way to Trinidad.

But it’s below quite a high cliff, down from the road, and getting to it takes more agility than I can usually muster. Plus, Ross & Ryan cannot get to it, so Robyn has to deal with both boys if I’m down on the beach.

We’ve looked at it from above, day after day, and yearned to see the ocean views from its vantage points.

Its rocks generate some fabulous spray, and there are several sea stacks that fascinate…one has trees on top where we’ve seen Bald Eagles and a Peregrine Falcon.

This was the day…I felt agile, and wanted to explore a new vista.

So Robyn dropped me off and went driving with R&R.

It’s a different world, down here at ocean level, right up against the edge where water pours onto the land every 14 seconds. Right here where rocks the size of trucks fell from the hillside behind me years ago, and now they interrupt the water’s flow.

The water keeps trying.DSC_8886

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