Morning arrives

Morning light on the Pacific coastline might come from the east, but morning weather is more likely to arrive from the west.

That vast expanse of ocean is constantly working. Our clue is that the waves pound night and day.

Either the temperature of the water, its humidity, or the breezes that pass over it…or all three at once…will create something to send onto land for the day.

And because there are no mountains to interrupt the flow of a high- or low-pressure system, the ocean might well just pass along something big from a long ways away.

The weather is a constant surprise.

The 15-day forecast might say it will be clear for the next 5 days, followed by 8 days of rain. And the next day it will show intermittent rain for the next week!

Look at how this day seems to shape up.

Here it comes.DSC_8847

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