Up a creek

Hey, we found another vista…there’s more to the North Coast than just the coast!

Actually, we took a cross-country route to the Winter Wings Festival in Klamath Falls, OR last year, and enjoyed the route so much we went back to part of it this year.

A road immediately beside our RV park heads due east and immediately begins to climb into some low mountains. About 30 miles in, we turned north to follow the Trinity River, and here’s where it really got interesting.DSC_4016

The deep chasm for the river, and the heavy growth of trees and shrubs beside the winding road…which only had sporadic pull-outs for us to stop and shoot…kept me from really documenting the scenery.

Grandpa Fell traveled with us for the day, and he shot every chance he got!DSC_4053

We managed to spot only one large bird all day…an Osprey carrying a long branch to the nest.DSC_4068

5 thoughts on “Up a creek

  1. Share your admiration of the Osprey. One of the great fisher birds of all time. We have one in our State Park that takes a bath in one of our lakes called…you guessed it…Lake Osprey! Happy trails…TLC

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