A couple weeks ago, we showed you some pictures of waves crashing on the rocks in Crescent City when Jared and I got brave and hopped from rock to rock to get near the edge.

Those were practice waves.

There was a warning in dour coastline weather forecast about “high surf”, and yet the weather was supposed to be pretty warm and clear. Robyn and I said “Crescent City!”

A little background about the place. Some people call it Tsunami City, because it has been on the receiving end of 31 tsunamis since 1933. The largest, which resulted from the 1964 Alaska earthquake…the largest earthquake ever recorded in North America…remains the largest and most destructive recorded tsunami to ever strike the United States Pacific Coast.

We knew our drive would put us into Crescent City pretty near high tide, and with the unusually high waves that were forecast, and with the rocks along the Crescent City shoreline, and with the town’s notable history for producing the big waves….

Our first clue was at the light house.DSC_8315

But we knew the trip was worth it when we got to the little peninsula where Jared and I had gone out on the rocks. Where he and I had stood was now being pounded by spray upwards of 40 feet high! The gulls seemed not to notice….DSC_8434

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