The eagle eye doesn’t miss

On our way back from seeing the Great Grey Owl, we passed a spot with two large abandoned nests.

We’ve passed them for three years now, and have repeatedly checked each one for signs of current occupancy. Nope.

But Eagle Eye Robyn noticed something else this time.

In the tree past the second nest, if you duck your head a bit, there was a large bird perched.

Great spot to fish from, because it overlooks a large fresh water lagoon immediately beside the ocean.

We turned around to look closer.

Terrible setting to view…backlit by the late afternoon sun…but the camera saw it better than our eyes.

Hmmmm….sure looks like a juvenile Bald Eagle….DSC_8721

3 thoughts on “The eagle eye doesn’t miss

  1. It is a juvenile. I have seen many over the years. The white head and tail appear at around age 4 and they are ready to mate at that time. We owe Rachel Carson a debt of gratitude for saving this and so many bird species from bio-toxic extinction from DDT. Happy Valentines All.TLC

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