This is door #2

Yesterday’s post showed a sunset photo I took that used a looooong exposure for that dream-like sunset quality.

Tonight, I present the photo taken at the same time that endeavors to capture the action of the scene.

There’s the obvious contrast here between the calm, soothing colors and tones of the sky after the sun has set, versus the contrasting tones and shapes of the surf…and the explosions of spray.

The ocean is constant action here at the shoreline, and this exposure portrays it more obviously than a looooong exposure. Even the wind gets in on the action as it blows spray from the curl of a wave!

I’m interested to hear which type of exposure appeals more to you.DSC_8279

7 thoughts on “This is door #2

  1. Like door 2, but I was always partial to the vibrant color of ektachrome! Both are excellent exposures.TC


    • Excellent, thanks for that! As much as I enjoy the effects of a long exposure, I thought this scene worked better with the short click. Ahhh, Ektachrome….it’d be fun to shoot some at the same time with these digitals….and compare. Sure love being able to experiment and not worry about running out of film!

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