Door #1 or door #2

We were in Crescent City again at sunset, and the place put on its usual show!

Shooting the shoreline and surf at a time when the light is dim always presents at least one basic challenge…try to shoot a fast exposure and catch the action, or shoot a looooong exposure and make a smoooooth shot.

Fast exposures usually take more light, but we can push the camera sensitivity and push the combination of time and f-stop and focus carefully, and stop the action enough….

The looooong exposure can create a dream-like smooth quality that’s pretty compelling when combined with the color of sunset. The small waves during the exposure create ghost-like shading along the edges of rocks….

I managed to shoot this scene both ways.

Today’s post shows the 20-second looooong exposure. Tomorrow’s post will have the short exposure.

I’ll be interested to hear which one you prefer.DSC_8225

5 thoughts on “Door #1 or door #2

  1. Do you have a graduated neutral-density filter? They often are used to help even out the contrast in sunset pictures so that you can have detail in both sky and water.

  2. Your photo work is done with such high quality and forethought on exposure you should send some to a photography magazine and consider an on-line publication. TC

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