Low down living

The real fun with a low low tide is seeing all the marine life that’s usually below water!

These creatures grab hold of the first thing they bump into.

In most cases, it’s the portion of a rock that faces the ocean, because they get ripped off the sides of the rock with every wave, and they never get to the back side!

I made up that explanation without any scientific basis beyond observation….

The water in the foreground of this picture is actually a one foot moat around this rock, created by the water’s wash over and around the rock…I’m standing on dry sand to shoot. The green anemones you see below water level could be buried by sand during the next high tide!DSC_3162

2 thoughts on “Low down living

  1. Besides your skill with a camera I think you’re looking for a new career as an ocean plant botanist! Great pics. Thanks.TC

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