Just one more

I thought I’d finish the little run of giants with this photo.

We had turned back on our walk, but I saw this scene and wanted to remember it well.

Too bad my Ross sidekick isn’t standing in it for scale.

The log that crosses the path…and has been cut in two so we can pass…is at least 7 feet in diameter!

The large mass on the right, with ferns and small bushes growing on it, is the upended root system for another redwood giant that has fallen away from us. It may be 15-20 feet tall here.

Redwoods don’t have tap roots…they have a very wide root base, that may actually be connected to other nearby redwoods.

The other trees ahead of us on the trail are much younger, not old-growth. Notice how they tend to be standing in clusters…that’s because of their root systems…and they may actually be multiple “stems” of the same tree.DSC_6766

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